Lucent Wedding Films | MFGM (My Friends Got Married) // Deana + Mike
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MFGM (My Friends Got Married) // Deana + Mike

MFGM (My Friends Got Married) // Deana + Mike

It was no secret that the past few years have been CRAZY with a full time job and the video business. With us recently going full-time video I’ve FINALLY had a chance to catch up on some of our friend’s wedding videos!! As usual, even though I was a guest it was impossible for me to NOT shoot some video throughout the day. Our friends Deana and Mike were married at the gorgeous Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, NH with a outdoor ceremony among friends and family. Even despite the rain picking up as Deana and Mike exchanged vows, they took in stride and even laughed it off as the wind whipped Deana’s veil clean off! Enjoy the highlight video from the amazing day!! Even though the wind posed problems with audio during the ceremony, their vows were amazing and I HAD to include them! 🙂

*DISCLAIMER* As with all MFGM videos, the video does not represent the same level of quality seen with our professionally filmed wedding videos. All video was shot handheld without the use of tripods, monopods, or any of our typical audio and lighting equipment. There’s a good chance some footage was filmed after a few drinks so there’s a good chance of some shaky footage!

Deana + Mike – MFGM (My Friend’s Got Married) from Lucent Weddings on Vimeo.

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